PTV Schools Services Survey

Conducted a detailed loading survey of school special services throughout Melbourne

Client: Public Transport Victoria

Project Description


PBA Transit conducted a detailed loading survey of school special services throughout Melbourne. Over 200 trips were surveyed and each trip was checked twice on a different day of week. Data was collected to the stop level, including which school each boarding ‘belonged to’. PBA Transit was supported by HAYS Recruitment, who provided additional survey staff.


Survey Type: On-board count

Survey Approach: iPad data-collection system developed by Phillip Boyle & Associates

Scope of Works


Outputs provided to PTV included:

  • Detailed maps in our specialised format, showing patronage data
  • Detailed database providing boardings by trip, location and school, in a queryable format
  • Maps showing expected route paths compared to observed route alignments.

Key Challenges

School service surveys are extremely sensitive and the process required extensive daily liaison with schools, the bus company and PTV. It was also difficult to get the initial information required to set up the survey, so we used our comprehensive databases of existing services.

The process of managing survey staff and getting them to remote locations and schools was also challenging. For example, on some days between 15 and 20 trips were being simultaneously surveyed.