KMB Company Scheduling Support Services

Client: Kowloon Motor Bus Company

Project Description


Over a fourth-month period, Phillip Boyle & Associates undertook detailed scheduling tasks for the Kowloon Motor Bus Company (KMB) to support implementation of new timetables and altered operating strategies for its extensive network of over 3,000 buses in Hong Kong.


This project required revised timetables to be produced within a short timeframe for a large network in an intense urban environment for one of the world’s leading bus operators. Phillip Boyle & Associates’ focus was to support KMB in maximising farebox revenue. As a publicly listed company, KMB operates commercially (i.e. without subsidisation).

Scope of Works

Key Tasks

Phillip Boyle & Associates tasks included:

  • Developing revised timetables to meet service level agreements
  • Creating optimal scheduling solutions, including vehicle blocks and driver shifts covering multiple depots
  • Supporting implementation tasks.

Key Challenges

The project was challenging because of the size of KMB’s operations and the busy and complex urban environment the bus services operate in. Multiple variables needed to be considered in the scheduling and timetable revisions, including the high number of depots, parking locations and terminals, and the specific bus types (double-deckers). In terms of implementation, we needed to consider that the changes challenged current operator practices with regard to driver shifts.