Hands-on expertise and implementable solutions that result in better customer experience and cost savings

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As Australia’s leading independent public transport planning, scheduling and rostering organisation, PBA Transit Planning’s reputation is built on our hands-on, real-world approach, the result of significant operations experience with a diverse range of local and international clients across all transport modes.

Our passion is developing innovative high-quality service solutions that improve the customer experience, while being uncompromising about delivering the most efficient and cost-effective operations.

We have demonstrated capability and experience in scheduling, network design, operations, contracting and bid support, transportation planning and policy, and development of transport information systems to match client need.

We work alongside our clients at all stages of the project life-cycle to ensure that service or operational changes are seamlessly implemented and are fully integrated in their business and within the broader network.

Operations Planning & Resource Management

Public Transport Scheduling, Timetabling and Rostering

Optimising scheduling to effectively restructure and reallocate resources to improve ridership, productivity, and service quality

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Data collection & analysis

Transport Data and Analytics

Collecting useful and robust data about patronage, ridership and transfer behaviour and analysing the large volumes of data generated by current systems

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Integrated & active transport planning

Transport Planning and Strategy

Ensuring transport services and surrounding land uses are integrated with walking, cycling, freight and parking

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Public transport network design

Transport Network Design and Modelling

Providing significant improvements in operating efficiency through smart network design

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Operations tendering & contracting

Tendering and Contract Advisory

Providing expert operational planning, tender preparation and assessment support for both operators and governments

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Transport policy & strategy

Public Transport Policy Development

Producing high quality strategy documents that bring clients’ transport vision to life and set clear pathways to achieving these goals

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Major events planning & management

Major Events Planning and Management

Helping clients mobilise a significant transport operation that must move large passenger volumes in a short time for special events or disruptions

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Transport information systems

Transport Information Systems Integration

Enhancing information flow, improving decision-making and analysis with transport-related information systems tailored to our clients’ needs

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