Public Transport Scheduling, Timetabling and Rostering

Does your business provide high-quality services while running at high levels of efficiency? Is there scope to make your operations more efficient and save money through sophisticated operational planning?


PBA Transit combines advanced expertise in optimised scheduling for public transport clients with an ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer outcomes and service delivery improvements.

Are we the industry leaders? Consider this. We are Australia’s largest provider of scheduling services, we use the latest and most powerful tools, and we played a key role in developing the TCRP Scheduling Manual (USA).

We have a proven record of helping clients to effectively restructure and reallocate resources to improve ridership, productivity and service quality.

We provide operational planning and scheduling solutions across all transport modes (rail, light rail, tramway, bus and ferry). Our projects have included multimodal and single-mode systems, and variations within modes (e.g. tramway and light rail, fixed route and demand-responsive buses). We have worked on projects throughout the world, from the largest multinational operators in major cities (e.g. KMB Hong Kong) to the smallest regional operations (e.g. Firefly regional coach services).

Our operational planning services include:

  • Demand analysis
  • Route and network profiling
  • Accurate resource estimation
  • Service analysis and restructuring
  • Alternate service options, including non-traditional services
  • Service optimisation.

Our scheduling services include:

  • Schedule and timetable development
  • Vehicle blocking and optimisation
  • Crew schedules and rosters
  • Labour agreement negotiations and sensitivity testing
  • Scheduling system support
  • Computerised scheduling using proprietary systems such as HASTUS or custom-designed tools.

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