Major Events Planning and Management

You may not be planning an event on the scale of the Olympic Games, but are you in the process of mobilising new public transport services or servicing a special event? Do you need experts to assist you to mobilise operations from ‘scratch’?

Major Events

Phillip Boyle & Associates is deservedly recognised as a leader in the operational planning and management of public transport services at major events. We played an instrumental part in the success of transportation at two of the largest global sporting events: the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. We have worked both at the detailed operational planning level and leading planning or operations, with responsibility for daily control from an operations centre.

Through experience, we understand the unique requirements of mobilising a significant transport operation that has to move large passenger volumes in a short time, starting from a base of no operations to full operations – literally overnight.

We offer our expertise for major events and transportation in:

  • Network and service planning, and demand estimation
  • Cost modelling and estimation
  • Full scheduling services
  • Operations planning advice
  • Operations mobilisation and management
  • Contingency planning and management
  • Signage, information and stop layouts
  • Staff training.
Athens Bus Lane

Major Events Planning and Management

Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Managed the Scheduling Department for Olympic Family Services, which provided transportation to athletes, the media and technical officials

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Commonwealth Games1

Major Events Planning and Management

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

Had overall responsibility for development, planning and management of all spectator bus services for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

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