Transport Information Systems Integration

Do you require specific transport information that your current systems and tools are not providing? Are your information systems easy to use, useful and integrated? Do they support your organisation’s decision-making as effectively as they could?

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We have the capability and experience to design and build transport-related information systems tailored to our clients’ needs. Our customised systems have been used on a range of transport projects, enhancing information flow, improving decision-making and analysis, and allowing information to be easily disseminated to a wider variety of end users and systems.

Using HASTUS software, databases and spreadsheets, we have provided tailored information for a range of projects and operations. Examples include:

  • Tools for demand modelling and forecasting
  • Information for real-time service displays
  • Tools for running times analysis
  • Service analysis databases
  • Resource forecasting models
  • Systems designed to disseminate scheduling information (i.e. timetabling, payroll and other interfaces)
  • Computerised scheduling.

We know that good-quality information is crucial for effective decision-making and for efficient operations. We will work with clients to find the best way to provide it.

Outputs and reports that improve analysis tasks

Loading Data1
Loading data for a demand-responsive service (developed with Booz & Company) – provides a quick overview of demand trends by location and is used to support route alignment decisions
Time Graph1
Running times graph for analysis (using HASTUS ATP) – powerful tools used to optimise service reliability while maintaining high levels of efficiency

Outputs and reports that improve operations

Crew Graph1
A crew roster for an entire calendar year (spreadsheet-based, with automated look-up functions and error trapping) – supports effective operational control through effective communication of operational information
Driver Shift1
Driver shift output (used daily by drivers), customised using HASTUS – this information, provided directly from our system, assists drivers to undertake their daily tasks
Athens Olympic Data1
Output from a reporting system developed by Phillip Boyle for the Athens Olympics – this system allowed automatic dissemination of schedule information to over 100 remote sites on a daily basis
Example of a route information sheet for a Melbourne school bus run. These maps are now used extensively by Public Transport Victoria and operators to document school services for a variety of purposes, and have also been distributed by schools to advise parents of available services. A similar format has since been adopted by a major Melbourne bus operator to produce online information about their school bus services.

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