PTV SmartBus Origin–Destination Survey

Conducted a large on-board survey covering Melbourne’s entire SmartBus network

Client: Public Transport Victoria

Project Description


Phillip Boyle & Associates conducted a large on-board survey covering Melbourne’s entire SmartBus network. The survey included on-board passenger counts by stop, a passenger questionnaire and origin–destination data.


Survey Type: On-board count

Survey Approach: Automated iPad system, including questionnaire, identifying passenger trip origins and destinations by use of auto location feature

Scope of Works


Outputs provided to PTV included:

  • Boarding and questionnaire results databases, which were provided directly to PTV’s systems eliminating the need to input all data
  • Detailed database providing boardings by trip and location, in a queryable format.

Key Challenges

The SmartBus network in Melbourne covers numerous routes across the city, many of which are very long (4-hour trips in some cases). The services are often very busy, with high boarding levels, which makes accurate data collection more difficult. Similarly, passenger questionnaires present a range of issues, especially on busy services. The deployment and management of staff was also a logistical challenge.