Queanbeyan Urban and Schools Services Survey

Conducted a complete urban and schools services survey in Queanbeyan, NSW

Client: CDC NSW

Project Description


Working inhouse with the operator, Phillip Boyle & Associates conducted a complete urban and schools services survey in Queanbeyan, NSW. The survey covered an extensive school services network in the large regional and rural area. Also surveyed were the LocalLink services, which have no fixed route.


Survey Type: On-board count

Survey Approach: iPad data-collection system developed by Phillip Boyle & Associates

Scope of Works


Outputs provided to CDC included:

  • Detailed maps in our specialised format, showing patronage data
  • Detailed database providing boardings by trip, location and school, in a queryable format
  • Maps showing expected route paths compared to observed route alignments (for school services)
  • Complete patronage database to support network planning tasks.

Key Challenges

The variable network environment, which covered a large area and included rural services as far as Yass and the LocalLink (no fixed route), presented challenges for managing data collection and analysis. School service surveys are extremely sensitive and the process required extensive daily liaison with schools and CDC.