Southeast Queensland Bus Review Operational Planning and Implementation Support

Provided extensive planning and implementation expertise as part of a large-scale network redesign across eight regions of Queensland

Client: Trans Link, Logan City Bus Service, Thompsons Bus Services, Park Ridge Transit, Westside Bus Services

Project Description

Seq Bus

Phillip Boyle & Associates provided extensive planning and implementation expertise as part of a large-scale network redesign across eight regions of Queensland, including the major centres of Brisbane and Ipswich. This redesign involved a complete revision of operating plans, timetables, driver rostering and scheduling for four operators.

These private bus companies operate over 2,100 daily trips across extensive urban networks and school special services, providing over 12 million service kilometres annually with a combined fleet of over 250 buses.


The revised network and services for the four operators were successfully implemented in December 2013 – January 2014, including for three operators on the same day, as part of one of Australia’s largest simultaneous multiple-operator major network changes.

Operating efficiency and timetable quality were substantially improved through the review process, resulting in cost savings for the operators. The focus on clockface headways and intermodal connectivity delivered significant passenger benefits.

The optimised schedules:

  • Improved passenger experience by simplifying routes and enhancing connectivity between bus services and other transport modes
  • Eliminated service duplication and redirected resources to overcrowded routes
  • Cut dead running and wasted time
  • Substantially reduced operating resource requirements.

Scope of Works

Key Tasks

Phillip Boyle & Associates’ activities included:

  • Planning the route and network to reduce network duplication and improve effectiveness
  • Preparing the initial operating cost and estimating passenger impact
  • Developing detailed timetabling and scheduling for all routes
  • Providing implementation support, including production of operating reports
  • Providing specialist advice about operations planning.

Key Challenges

A high level of resourcing was required to deliver simultaneous support to four operators through all project phases, right up to implementation. The success of the changes and the delivery of all services in a timely fashion highlights Phillip Boyle & Associates’ organisational capability to provide high-volume client support.

The new network and revisions required detailed evaluation of passenger impacts. In some cases, route rationalisations had the potential to negatively affect passengers. However, through detailed planning and an in-depth understanding of service areas, we were able to minimise impacts and successfully implement the changes.